Gaddo Naturals 100% Natural African Black Soap and Butter Duo Pack


Our African Black Soap and Butter Duo Pack come with one (1) African Black Soap 2 Bar Pack (12 oz) and your choice of a 16 oz/1 lb Pack of Shea Butter, Mango Butter or Cocoa Butter


African Black Soap is a traditional cleanser used for many generations to cleanse leaving supple clear skin. An excellent all-natural alternative for normal to problem skin such as hyperpigmentation (dark marks), and other skin issues. Can be used from head to toe for all cleansing needs.

CONTENTS: Two (2) soaps per pack. Each handmade bar of soap is approximately 5.5 oz to 6 oz.

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa pod ash, shea butter, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and water.




This unprocessed shea butter from Ghana has no additives and is as nature intended it be used. It is an amazing nourishing moisturizer all over the body from head to toe. Adds suppleness to skin and can be used for hair care as well.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter


This refined mango seed butter is scent-free and light in texture yet moisturizing. The soft texture melts easily on contact with skin and adds a natural glow to dry skin. Mango seed butter is rich in vitamins A & E and can be added to body butters, balms and hair care products.

INGREDIENTS: Refined Mango Butter


This raw pure cocoa butter has no additives and is as nature intended it be used. The natural cocoa scent is intoxicating, this butter is naturally hard in consistency and is used as a moisturizer alone and can be added with other oils and butters for a luxurious buttery moisturizer from head to toe.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Raw, Pure Cocoa Butter

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Duo Pack

Great Buy and qualty, thanks
Posted by Doug, 2018 20th Jul