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Grace Eleyae Purple Slap | Satin-Lined Cap

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Treat your hair like royalty in the purple slap.

  • Smooth and lightweight material. The soft fabric is light enough to allow air to flow through the cap, enabling you to stay cool.
  • Designed to stay on your head when you need it to. The elastic band offers a snug fit that holds the cap in place while you toss and turn in your sleep or when styling your favorite look.
  • Saves you time...and money! The stylish versatile cap that will allow you to keep any hairstyle longer, the way you like it (so you can extend the time between wash days and salon visits). And whether you're looking for hair protection or you need a quick protective hairstyle when you're running out of the house, this versatile, yet stylish, cap has you covered. You can be in and out of the house in no time.

SLAP Contents and Care


  • Elastic band on the inside to help secure it in place
  • 95% Rayon 5% Spandex
  • Lining: Stretch Charmeuse Satin

Care: Machine wash delicate; air dry or tumble dry on low/delicate

SLAP Sizing

How to measure your head for the perfect fit:

how to measure your head for the perfect fit.

You can also:

1. Take a string or cord (can be a phone charger).

2. Wrap your head like the picture above with the string.

3. Mark the the two ends where the string touches.

4. Place string against ruler of some sort, and measure between the two marks.

5. Round down the measurement to the nearest inch. (If it is 22.5, 22 is best for you)

6. View measurement and compare to the "Elastic Band At Rest" dimensions.

7. See which slap is best for you.




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